IP Stresser Prevention – DDOS Protection

What Is DDOS Protection?

It is a series of actions that attempt and try to resolve the problems of having DDOS attacks. In a case where the network is being attacked by DDOS, a threat of fatal damage to not a single PC but a whole network is more than reality. For that purpose, DDos Protection may save you from resources leakage and possible loss of information.

What Is A Layer 7 DDoS Attack?

One of the most fatal DDOS attacks are the layer 7 and layer 4 DDOS attacks. But before we explain them, you must know that a network consists of seven layers of OSI (Open System Interconnection Model) with each of them having its own protocol responsible for particular functions. Accordingly, there is an Application Layer, Presentation Layer, Session Layer, Transport Layer, Data Link Layer and more. Each of the layers affects a particular domain, such as the user interface, data formatting, routers, switches, cables and even the TCP accurate data.

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