Understanding DDOS Layer4/Layer7

The Layer 7 DDOS attack mimics human behavior when interacting with the user interface and makes itself camouflaged and difficult to be separated from the normal traffic. Results may be dissapearance of a logo or a button on a website while repeatedly downloading resources hoping to exhaust the server. In a nutshell, this attack can do a great mess to your business, especially its digital presence.
The Layer 4 DDOS attack, on the other side focuses on targeting the transport and network layers, resulting with comprised of volumetric attacks which overwhelm the target machine to deny or consume resources until the server is down. The layer 4 attack also disrupts the force for businesses, however its damage is not as lasting as the layer 7 one.

Layer 7 DDOS
If you work on Joomla, you definitely need unique Joomla DDOS protection from the layer 4 and layer 7 attacks, as well as other forms of DDOS attacks. That is why it is recommended to install proper DDOS protection and prevent hackers overloading your system with large or repeated requests for a particular service, all of which able to affect your website in a fatal way.


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